Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have a break

Between two bear (or better between the bears of the online show, my latest bear Mary-Kay and the next guy) I needed a break to make something different.
At the moment it is very hot outside but I'm sure next autumn is coming and so I went to the next wool shop to buy some lovely tweed wool. Wasn't very simple in the middle of summer, but here is the result of my efforts.
I knitted a nice short vest for me and unsurprisingly another one for Sweet Sophie  (again a visit at the wool shop for more tweed in a different color) Sophies vest is still in progress.

Two other things I would like to say: Please don't forget the BEARS ON PARADE online show -tomorrowstarts the preview- and for all of you how like to see Mary-Kay you can visit her on my Facebook Fan PageThe Wild Things. You don't have to be a member of fb it is open for all.  Just click on the links at the right side.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Retro but still sweet

These days I'm working hard on my bears for the online show Bears On Parade. And it is a challenge to create a Wild Thing for under 100 $!
Than I was thinking what to do, I found one of my patterns from the end of the 80s.
I started bear making 35 years ago with classic bears and funny bears with big noses and big feet, but when I saw a care bear I knew that this was the kind of bears I would like to create. On my blog (think it is under 2009)I published a photo that shows me making one of my first own care-bear-looking bears. These early Wild Things have only one joint between head and body and the body is sitting and made in one piece.
And so I have sewn a bear for the show from this old pattern that I made long long ago. But - how life goes- Sophie saw this little guy and fall in love with him and as a loving mother I can't say no. So this little sweet pink cuddly guy will not be in the online show. And that brings my back to the beginnig of this post - I have to go now to work hard on my bears.... I lost one.