Saturday, April 23, 2011


Here is little Mizzy. She is available from my website now, click on the "Adopting" button to find her. From the Blooming bear online show I have learned to work with paypal buttons and how simple it is to add them to a blog or website. Mizzy will also be on bearpile later one for those who prefer this site.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We are not only working - oh no. Sometimes we have a lot of fun.

Today we had a mother-daugther-power-shopping-day. Started our treasure hunt early in the morning and came home with our shopping bags in the afternoon.

One of the pieces we found in our favourite shop I would like to share. It is that sensational bag. We couldn't resist to gave this bag a new and loving home.

Do you know this feeling? You enter a shop and hear a soft voice calling:"Buy me, buy me!"

Show me one woman that could overcome that temptation!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Please don't worry. During the next day these things can happen if you visit my blog: 1. Nothing - everything looks fine. 2. The blog looks a bit confused in fact every minute. 3. You see nothing - and nothing means nothing. 4. The best thing - tada... blog and the new website work perfect together. I'm trying to bring my website into my blog. From the other side things work perfect. From the new website you can visit the blog. But if you are at the blog you don't come back to the website. Think it isn't a big deal but I'm not so perfect with these things. Cross your fingers..... Pst... For those who can't wait to see the new website:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second chance for Suzy

Sometimes girls need a new dress. And it seems to be that Suzy wasn't happy with that she was wearing. So I created a new dress for her and hope that she will find a new mum very soon.
At the moment I'm working on a new website with Sweet Sophie. The old one is running for a couple of years now but I wasn't really happy with the result.
I couldn't upload my own background design, add paypal buttons, or place my photos were ever I like them.
Turning my blog into a website, that is very popular at the moment, I find a bit boring. And so I'm fighting with html, css and adding links and navbars.
Believe me I'm not a profi with all this things but I like the challenge. You could be curious if my website will run in a few weeks;O)

Suzy has a new home now!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm very happy that we also will be on parade. At the moment I'm thinking about sweet nice bears and - giving away a little secret - Sweet Sophie promised to design two bears for the show. Keep watching!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

SUZY - a sweet easter bunny

A hurried glance on the calendar showed me that it is the right time for the annual bunny. And here is Suzy a sweet alpaca girl, she is around 13.4"/34cm with a ruffle around her neck and one of the felted flowers I have made a few weeks ago. Suzy will be at my bearpile account tonight.