Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Panda Clown Youki

Here is Youki my latest bear. I justed added her to bearpile and hope that you like her. She is such a sweatheart and needs a lot of hugs and love.

And don't forget - the great Blooming Bear Onlineshow preview starts on Tuesday. You will find the pics of one of my three bears here on my blog and on my facebook page. Hope to see you.

Sweet Youki has been adopted

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a week!

My goodness that was week for us.

Most of the time I was in hopital this week - not as patient but as a vistor. Sweet Sophie had a
tonsillectomy, not unexpected but faster as we thought. From December on her health was very bad and this was the only way to recover.

To tell you something about Caesar... I'm very happy that he found such a good echo. I wasn't sure if you would like him. For all of you who missed him, I'm also planning a Panda and a Polar Bear with this more life-like look.

Cordial thanks to Waltraud Rickel and Joanne Livingston for their great turorials about teeth and claw making.

Sophie is at home now and I'm sure that we all find back to our daily routine.

Hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just a short message

Just a short message about Caesar. He is on bearpile from now on.
At the moment I'm so tired. Tell you more about Caesar tomorrow.
Sleep well!!!!
Caesar has been adopted!

Something new

In January I had my 50. birthday and my sweet Sophies idea was to create something very special for this birthday.

I use my WILD THINGS logo with the polar bear for so many years now and she tought that I need a new fresh one.

As a surprise she made a new avatar for me at facebook and also new hanging tags and business cards. And today is the day where the first bear with the new tag will be on bearpile.

I think the new design looks great - for the case that you need a new and modern look - contact sweet Sophie.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This pic isn't advertising Vampire diaries, these are my new teeth I made after a tutorial from Waltraud Rickel posted at The Guild of Master Bearcrafters.

Think they look nice and now I only need a new bear for them.