Thursday, June 16, 2011

Retro but still sweet

These days I'm working hard on my bears for the online show Bears On Parade. And it is a challenge to create a Wild Thing for under 100 $!
Than I was thinking what to do, I found one of my patterns from the end of the 80s.
I started bear making 35 years ago with classic bears and funny bears with big noses and big feet, but when I saw a care bear I knew that this was the kind of bears I would like to create. On my blog (think it is under 2009)I published a photo that shows me making one of my first own care-bear-looking bears. These early Wild Things have only one joint between head and body and the body is sitting and made in one piece.
And so I have sewn a bear for the show from this old pattern that I made long long ago. But - how life goes- Sophie saw this little guy and fall in love with him and as a loving mother I can't say no. So this little sweet pink cuddly guy will not be in the online show. And that brings my back to the beginnig of this post - I have to go now to work hard on my bears.... I lost one.

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Natalia said...

Susan, sweet face, love it.
It similar story on our side, I busy with bear and once it born - this one go nowhere, just make another one, and time for show it so close, may be I should hide them from eyes...