Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have a break

Between two bear (or better between the bears of the online show, my latest bear Mary-Kay and the next guy) I needed a break to make something different.
At the moment it is very hot outside but I'm sure next autumn is coming and so I went to the next wool shop to buy some lovely tweed wool. Wasn't very simple in the middle of summer, but here is the result of my efforts.
I knitted a nice short vest for me and unsurprisingly another one for Sweet Sophie  (again a visit at the wool shop for more tweed in a different color) Sophies vest is still in progress.

Two other things I would like to say: Please don't forget the BEARS ON PARADE online show -tomorrowstarts the preview- and for all of you how like to see Mary-Kay you can visit her on my Facebook Fan PageThe Wild Things. You don't have to be a member of fb it is open for all.  Just click on the links at the right side.

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