Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Digital Beauty

On Sunday I was thinking about some ebay-autcions but I hadn't any new templates at the moment.
And so I bought a new one (see it at the right side) from my favourite template designer April Lewis. If you think to buy a template for your auctions visit Aprils website: or look at her offers on ebay under the same name.
For my opinion April is one of the best. Her templates are beautiful and her instructions are great and if you still have problems she gives you a helping hand via mail, patient and professional. It is so easy to use - everybody can do it.
Yesterday I started my auction with an old template from April. But it is perfect for this case: Poor Mizzy is still looking for a new home and if you like to make a good bargain visit Mizzi on ebay

I reduced her price and hope that she will find a nice new Mum very soon. She is such a lovely dog, she doesn't loose hair, she doesn't bark and you don't have to make a walk with her on a rainy day. Isn't it nice?
Now I'm back to my new white faux fur bear and trimming the seams he is loosing hairs - I look like a snowmen in summer at the moment ;O(

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