Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second chance for Suzy

Sometimes girls need a new dress. And it seems to be that Suzy wasn't happy with that she was wearing. So I created a new dress for her and hope that she will find a new mum very soon.
At the moment I'm working on a new website with Sweet Sophie. The old one is running for a couple of years now but I wasn't really happy with the result.
I couldn't upload my own background design, add paypal buttons, or place my photos were ever I like them.
Turning my blog into a website, that is very popular at the moment, I find a bit boring. And so I'm fighting with html, css and adding links and navbars.
Believe me I'm not a profi with all this things but I like the challenge. You could be curious if my website will run in a few weeks;O)

Suzy has a new home now!

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Alba Linea said...

oooh what a cute little treasure! love her very much! warm wishes and a hoppy easter. di