Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a week!

My goodness that was week for us.

Most of the time I was in hopital this week - not as patient but as a vistor. Sweet Sophie had a
tonsillectomy, not unexpected but faster as we thought. From December on her health was very bad and this was the only way to recover.

To tell you something about Caesar... I'm very happy that he found such a good echo. I wasn't sure if you would like him. For all of you who missed him, I'm also planning a Panda and a Polar Bear with this more life-like look.

Cordial thanks to Waltraud Rickel and Joanne Livingston for their great turorials about teeth and claw making.

Sophie is at home now and I'm sure that we all find back to our daily routine.

Hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy it!

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